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Task warrior


Add this line to your hosts file.

# /etc/hosts	athens

Install TaskWarrior on your system.

pacman -S task
pacman -S vit

vit is a useful terminal interface for task. You can use both together.

Edit the file ~/.taskrc and add these lines:


Make sure the pem file certificates ca.cert.pem, dark.cert.pem, dark.key.pem, are installed in the path ~/.task/.

Now run the initial sync:

task sync

You should now be able to see the tasks:

task list
task summary
task burndown

And add new tasks:

task add project:wallet.dw +nar refactor crypto API proofbuilder class
task sync

This will add a task under the dw subproject in the wallet project, assign the task with the +nar tag to someone, and add the task description. Then we sync with the server. Common commands

  • Set a project for your task (an appropriate category such as academy, admin, conf)
  • Use project.subproject to add subcategories. For example wallet.dw (dw is subproject inside wallet)
  • Add optional priority
  • Assign tasks to people using tags +marc, +nar

Create a new task for marc, high priority for academy.

task add +marc project:academy priority:H organize opening event

List all tasks assigned to +nar

task +nar

Mark task 32 as completed:

task 32 done

See summary of progress on projects:

task summary

Burndown report:

task burndown

Edit task 32:

task 32 edit

External Links

Task Warrior Android Install

Install TaskWarrior from F Droid.

See these instructions: TaskWarrior Android configuration

You will need these files:


And this info:

  • Profile uuid, which if you open .taskrc on your desktop, you will see a line like: taskd.credentials=org/user/<bunch of numbers and letters separated by -'s> … That last bit in the <…> is your profile uuid. You will need this code.
  • On your phone open the folder <External Storage>/Android/data/kvj.taskw/files/ and make a new folder with the same name as your profile uuid. Put the pem files in there.
  • Create a text file
taskd.credentials=dark/dark/<profile uuid>

Put those fields in there.

  • On the app, make a new account (open sidebar, select account drop down), where it says create a folder, select it and you should be able to choose the folder with your profile uuid, give it the name dark (or whatever it doesn't matter)… Now your account should sync and be usable.


  • Use -V switch to see entire balance in single currency
  • X BTC @ Y EUR to lock in spot price.
  • Match assets against a price.db to calculate net worth (and how that changes daily)
  • Make a ~ Monthly stanza at the beginning of the file for a monthly budget.