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E-mail is available at as well as via POP/IMAP.

There are a few aliases that everyone should be aware of:


It is possible to sync calendars via the CalDav server.

  1. In the webmail interface, click on the calendar icon in the top right corner.
  2. Go to the calendar you want to sync and click on the options button for that calendar, there should be a "Links to Calendar" option.
  3. Select the link you like, and add it to your favorite calendar app.

The server is and the path is usually /SOGo/dav/

The same applies to tasks.


This wiki is available at


Mautic is available at


  • Pfsense Router 10.92.x.x
  • Automated handling of tor, zeronet, ipfs, etc. So that end user needs not install additional software (note this means would could MITM - however for most people the convenience will outweigh the lack of security)
  • FreePBX for telephone server, with end-to-end encryption (RTSP) so that server isn't having sensitive data.
  • Proxmox HA cluster for the router and phone server.