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Think tanks

  1. Human Rights Watch
  2. Amnesty International
  3. International Crisis Group
  4. Atlantic Council
  5. Rand
  6. Carnegie
  7. Strategic Studies Institute
  8. Foreign Affairs
  9. Foreign Policy
  10. Council on Foreign Relations (owns Foreign Affairs I believe) - STRATEGIC ANALYSIS US POV
  11. Brookings Institute
  12. Middle East Institute
  13. IRIN News
  14. Center for Strategic & International Studies

Search engine

Use this links whenever you need to find something specific that you can’t find from the foregoing sources. Don’t be afraid to look through political science/history/law journals online (though if you need to—I will probably have access through my school so I can download whatever files you want an e-mail them over).


  1. Aaron Lund
  2. Robert Fisk
  3. Patrick Cockburn
  4. Charles Lister
  5. lenn Greenwald/Max Blumenthal
  6. Statfor