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Mod openra to accept BTC payments.

Custom assets and factions.

Game Mechanics

Each game has an entry fee: $10 + $0.1 and number of players: 6

Prizes go into a funding pool (in the example above $60) which are paid out according to a payout structure. The other amount ($0.1) is the fee paid to us for hosting the game.

The $10 is converted into game credits. When the option 'Kill Bounties' is enabled, this enables transferring credits from other players. Players who quit forfeit their stake in the game.

Also secondary markets where other player can place stakes on games. This is useful for example with championship games.


  • Team mates colluding with the enemy when they are guaranteed share in the profits. This can mean fake games.
    • Possible solution entails reputation and accounts. Banning bad players. Doing analysis on games.


So allocation of budget is spent on securing PR, promoting our game.

Also a YouTube channel where we host championship games with high payout prizes.



Late game advantage

Syrian Government

  • Barrel bombs

Werner Group

  • Teleportation



  • Commando


  • Sniper
  • US airstrikes


Cheap infantry, advantage early game, low power usage and low tech

  • Tunnels


  • Suicide truck