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The journal carves out and communicates the new intellectual terrain known as "polytechnics," with the intention of distinguishing polytechnics from the proposals dominating philosophy of technology today. It does this by advancing a polytechnic reading of history, compiling key historical texts with contemporary analysis, and converges on a vision in which technology is wielded for the betterment of humankind.


The focus of the journal is academic and historical. It will be widely distributed at cryptocurrency events.

Editorial concerns

  • The journal should be highly selective and contain very few texts. It should prioritize new articles from high value authors as opposed to reprinting older material.
  • The journal (and its editorial) also reflects on the following points:
  1. Describing and propagandizing an ideology should be secondary to creating a way of life that fulfills your principles,
  2. Philosophy without consistency at the operational layer is artifice.

Initial candidates

  • Heval
  • Dugin
  • Ross
  • Ted

Secondary candidates

  • Harry
  • Cody
  • Jaromil
  • Paul
  • Amir

Historical texts to include

  • Ocalan
  • Mumford
  • Konkin

Maybe: Quotes from DPR, old Stallman texts, Peter Hintjens, Assange