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  • Make account on, use BTCUSD Coinbase price
    • Add indicators on there. Start with MACD, RSI, Stochastic Oscillator, learn to read candlesticks. Use YouTube channels such as UKspreadbetting.
  • Understand BitMex operation fully. Make account on BitMex testnet site. What is the contract, how to place order, calculate your PNL, what is leverage, how to increase margin (click +B sign in position), what is the funding rate mechanism, the ADL system. Also important: how to calculate your position value.
  • Calculate PNL, margin
  • How to use matplotlib to build own graphs.
  • Learn to use pandas and numpy. How to calculate MACD indicator and stochastic, add new column to pandas DataFrame.


  • What are the mean, standard deviation / variance and how are they related / calculated?
    • Different forms of averages such as median.
    • Central Limit Theorem
  • How to calculate the confidence interval given mean and variance.
  • What is the normal distribution?
  • Unbiased sample variance
  • PNL calculations
    • Transform PNL calculation into gain equation which shows USD profit on BTC
    • Hedging calculation: if I have 1 BTC @ a price of 1000 USD/BTC and short the 1 BTC on bitmex, then exit the position @ a price of 500 USD/BTC, then 1. what is my PNL? 2. what is the total amount of value that I now hold in USD?

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